I feel that the ‘About’ section will keep on evolving over time. So its best that I capture all versions here. In time, this may as well reflect my life’s timeline. The notes below are in reverse chronological order.


17th march, 2019

Phew! 5 years and maybe just 10 posts.

Finally, managed to do some spring cleaning on my blog today. Broken menu, theme upgrade, plugins…

It is clear to me that learning rather than writing is a far bigger passion for me. This has consumed me heavily in the last 5 years.

About 25 online courses, dozens of books and 2018 saw me gravitating towards textbooks.

But my core subjects of interest are very few.

Over 2013-2016, I focussed mostly on astrophysics and technology. The former has been a subject of fascination since long. The second one has been helping me at work too.

But in last 3 years, the interest in technology has given way to finance and economics. Again, it has helped me with learning about personal finances and at work. The astrophysics love continues unabated – it has no benefits but then its good for me to not think of ROI on everything 🙂

Am in the middle of 1 astrophysics and 1 finance textbook right now. 3 more are lying in the cupboards…waiting for their turn.

+Amit Jain

Linkedin – http://www.linkedin.com/in/jainamitr


3rd Feb, 2014

Am adding ‘energy & environment’ as a category of interest. Even put up a few posts yesterday night!


11th Nov, 2013

Got started with a few posts.

I have been meaning to have my own site for quite some time. One short term motivation has been to pick up the experience of setting up and running my own internet home. Hopefully, I will use this to talk about my favorite subjects.


4th Nov, 2013

A life of learning. Blessed in many ways. Time is short and there is so much to learn, experience, give and take.

Also, time to start really going after my bucket list.

So here I am finally. Writing my very own blog. And this after setting up my blog only in the last 24 hours, acting on what had been in my mind for a long time.

I have only a vague idea of what I am going to do with this blog. For now, I think I may end up talking about my favorite subjects in life today:

  • being a student for life,
  • health & wellness,
  • technology,
  • family & friends,
  • movies,
  • astrophysics,
  • spiritualism.

Anything left? Yes. Food. I eat only to live.

I think I got most of the stuff there.

Hope to keep revisiting this page!